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Seeking Basic Necessities for Reservation Living

When COVID-19 hit and distance learning became the "norm" for K-12 education, our owner, Nadine Groenig, began seeking ways to get students on the Navajo Nation connected to the Internet.  Knowing of the lack of basic necessities in reservation homes, she posed a simple question on Facebook:  Do you or anyone you know  need Internet connectivity, water, and/or electricity?


Hydropanel Installation

SunClan Consulting has partnered with SOURCE Water to install hydro-panel systems to provide clean, healthy drinking water to people on the Navajo Nation.  SOURCE is currently in the process of installing systems in 170 homes identified by SunClan!

A combination of funds donated to this purpose and a contract with Navajo Nation is just the beginning.  We will continue to raise funds for this purpose.

Internet Connectivity

SunClan has identified a provider who is now working to get Internet connections to 75 families!  In August, more than 60 satellite kits were delivered to the Mexican Water Chapter House community.  These families now have Internet access like most homes in the United States! As funds are raised, more families will receive satellite dishes.

Please note: satellites do not yet cover the whole Navajo Nation.  Service to your community may not be available.



Although SunClan's primary goal is to help Native American students reach their potential, knowing that many of them do not have their basic needs met, we knew we had to try to get electric or solar power to reservation homes.  It's hard to do homework in the dark, let alone when it is too hot or cold to concentrate.

We have recently identified a company who can meet this need.  We just have to determine the costs and raise the money.  With your help, we can do just that!

Delivering Possibilities!

A home on the Navajo Nation receiving a satellite dish to connect to the Internet!

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